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Instagram Campaign (Guarantees At Least 10k Followers)
25k Spotify Streams Playlist Promo Package
Campaign (On 1 Song Or Split Between Multiples)
For $3700
Saves You $200
(Compared To If You'd Buy Packages Separately

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INSTAGRAM Growth Campaign 

Limited time offer 

spots will be filled tomorrow 

The giveaway in mention is in collaboration with @JayDayYoungan (2.5 Million Followers).

How the giveaway works is that Jay will post on his main feed a post that talks about him giving away some luxury item/cash (tbd), and that anyone that wants a chance to win has to follow X amount of accounts in order to have a chance to win. Swifty would be one of those accounts.

You can expect 10k-15k new followers from this giveaway, which will all be highly targeted hip hop music fans.

The cost for this placement is $3,000.

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